Q. What is pupil premium?

A. The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools to enable them to support their disadvantaged pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers.

The pupil premium allocation for Westbrook Lane this year 2014/15 was £17,170.

The allocation was spent on nuture provision, 1:1 tuition, speech and language training and support, and enabling out of school activities.

This has ensured that children have been able to access the curriculum effectively, make expected progress against targets set and been given confidence and aspiration to succeed.

Please click the link for a copy of our pupil premium statement


Q. What are the end of key stage results for Westbrook Lane?


Please click the link for a copy of our 2016 KS1 results.


Please click the link for a copy of our 2016 KS2 results.


Parents can access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the DFE website; www.education.gov.uk


Q. What should I do if my child is absent from school?

A. If your child is absent from school, please ring and leave a message or write to the class teacher explaining why the child is absent. If your child has to leave during normal school hours or is taking time out of school, please ask the school office for the appropriate ‘leave of absence form' well in advance to advise us of the situation.

The need to inform school of any absence is now more important than ever in light of legislation brought in to monitor authorised and unauthorised absences. For the period September 2016-July 2017 our absence figures are as follows :

School sttendance 97.5%

Percentage number of half day authorised absences 2.2%

Percentage number of half day unauthorised absences 0.3%

Q. What is an emergency contact form?

A. Please don't be alarmed by the name of this form. If your child is ill or has an accident in school, we may need to contact you immediately. You will be asked to complete one of these forms before your child enters school, which asks for information on:-

* home address and telephone number

* work contact

* any special medical conditions you feel we need to be aware of

Please remember to tell us when you move house or change to a new job.

We have only limited facilities for caring for sick children so if your child is taken ill during the day a phone call will be made either to you or your emergency contact in order that the child may be taken home. If at the end of an illness your child is fit to return to school but needs to complete a course of antibiotics we are prepared to help with this. In such cases, medicine must be clearly marked with the child’s name and the required dosage. An appropriate request form obtainable from the office must be completed by parents. This must be taken by the parent to the school office. Class teachers cannot accept this responsibility.

Please note that if your child is suffering from upset stomach they cannot return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diaorrhoea.

Q. What P.E. kit will my child need?

A. It is essential that all children dress correctly for P.E. and games. A plain T-shirt and shorts is all that is required. In addition a track/jogging suit will be needed on cold days for games.

Q. Is there a school uniform?

A. Yes. There is a recommended school dress in the colours of maroon jumpers/cardigans, sky blue shirts worn with grey skirts/trousers. Bulk orders for uniform are taken in the summer term and forms for this can be obtained from the school office, or parents can go direct to our suppliers P.C. Sports in Yeadon. School fleeces can be ordered through the school office. Jewellery, other than watches, can create safety problems, so children are encouraged to save it for out of school occasions. Ear-rings, other than small studs, are not allowed. We expect all children to change into indoor shoes such as plimsolls or trainers when they enter school, after playtime or lunch break.

Q. What are the arrangements for school meals?

A. Many of our children have cooked school meals which are served by the cafeteria system. There is a choice of main course and pudding. We have achieved the National Healthy Schools Standard and are keen to provide a well balanced healthy meal which represents good value for money. Dinner money for the week is collected on Monday mornings and should be sent in a sealed envelope,marked clearly with your child's name and class. If you wish to pay by cheque, it should be made out to 'Leeds City Council' and have your bank card number on the reverse side.

On-line payment can also be arranged –details available from school office.

Q. Can my child bring a packed lunch to school?

A. Yes. These should be brought in a named lunchbox and any drinks should be cold and brought in an unbreakable container which fits inside the box. We encourage children to bring healthy lunches in line with our healthy eating policy.

Q. Will my child drink milk at school?

A. Children may have a small carton of milk each day. If you wish your child to take advantage of this you must register online at www.coolmilk.com. The cost is 22p per day (under 5’s are free) and is subsidised by the European Union. Children can drink water from the water coolers instead if preferred.

Q. What else can my child eat at school?

A. Children enjoy a healthy snack twice a day, mid-morning and mid afternoon, such as fruit, vegetables, raisins, or a piece of cheese. In addition to items brought from home every child in Reception/KS1 is provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable each afternoon as part of the Government’s healthy schools scheme. We do not allow nuts, which can be dangerous in the playground situation; sweets/chocolate/fruit winders as our policy is to encourage healthy eating. Similarly we do not allow cereal bars as despite their “healthy” image many are in fact full of sugar.

As part of our healthy schools initiative we are encouraging children to recycle waste. Please bear this is mind when purchasing snacks which may have packaging unsuitable for recycling.

Q. What is the school's policy on behaviour?

A. The school has a positive behaviour policy.

Our aim is to have a happy and caring school which enables children to work to the best of their ability. In order to achieve this we expect the children to conform to a good standard of behaviour and to respect and care for each other.

We involve the children in discussions leading to a code of reasonable behaviour, school rules and drawing up of privileges, rewards and jobs of responsibility.

We use the withdrawal of privileges and jobs of responsibility only very occasionally as sanctions in the case of negative, unco-operative or dangerous behaviour. In such cases the parents are always informed and together we discuss possible solutions. Although the Governing Body has the right to suspend a child, this would only be taken up in the most extreme circumstances.

Q. Do children enjoy school?

A. Yes, we encourage children to feel part of the school community in various ways. We have a School Council with representatives from years 2 to 6 who meet regularly. The children are very much involved in decisions about, for example, the development of the playground or working towards the Leeds Healthy Schools Standard. The children also support each other through other initiatives such as our school ‘ buddy system’ and the ‘playground squad’. Each class also nominates a ‘Citizen of the Week’ who receives a certificate in our weekly ‘Well Done’ assembly.

Q. How can we, as parents help ?

A. We place great importance on the links between home and school. Class teachers send home "half term information sheets" which outline what children will be learning in each half term and what parents can do to help. These are published on the website where there are also links to useful websites which provide further reinforcement for learning.

Regular newsletters are sent home to parents about events and activities taking place in school. We also have three parents evenings a year where we meet with you to discuss your child's progress. We have a number of parents who help us in school in the classrooms with various tasks such as baking, computing, listening to readers, helping to organise parties etc. We are always happy to have an extra pair of hands.

We also have a lively and flourishing P.T.A. who organise many different events throughout the year and raise valuable extra funds for the school. These events are always well attended and social occasions such as discos and treasure hunts provide much fun and entertainment for children and parents of the school.

All parents of children at Westbrook automatically become members of the P.T.A. We are always keen to involve as many people as possible in our school activities and value your support.

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