Westbrook Lane PTA

Westbrook Lane PTA

Westbrook lane PTA exists to arrange and promote social and fundraising events to provide equipment and experiences to enhance our children's school life.

The PTA warmly welcomes parents who would like to be involved in the social aspect of school life, whether it is to bring ideas and co-ordination or a helping hand for events

Longstanding and successful events include:

Family Disco, Christmas Fair, Summer Fair and the  "Sausage Sizzle" (a September barbecue and treasure hunt to welcome new parents and children)


The PTA meets every term with teaching staff to discuss fundraising ideas and community events. New faces are always welcome.

Westbrook children and staff benefit from the money raised by providing a wish list to the PTA of the things they would like.

Some of the things the PTA have provided are:

Sports Kits
Playground improvements

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Horsforth-United-Kingdom/Westbrook-Lane-Primary-PTA/297627364612

Email address: westbrookpta@hotmail.co.uk

Officers of the PTA:

Alison Bishop Chairperson

Sarah Dimery Vice Chair

Elizabeth Lockwood Secretary

Mel Robinson Vice Secretary

Lucy Pickersgill Treasurer
James Crosland Vice Treasurer

End of year newsletter July 2015 End of year newsletter July 2014
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