School council



1. To make the school a better place from the child's points of veiw.

2.Feed back to the class from the meetings.

3.Collect ideas from the class and feed back to meetings.

4.Laise(go between)different people who might be able to help us.


The school council is made up of representatives from Year 2 through to Year 6. The children who sit on the council are chosen by a ballot of their class mates each September. They meet every 2 to 3 weeks depending what is on the agenda.

Some of the items they discuss are the School Development Plan, Fundraising, Playtime Equipment, Fair Trade and discussions regarding issues brought up by other children.

Each year they choose a charity to fundraise for. This year's efforts are for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. In previous years they have rasied money to; buy chicks for villagers in the third world, help towards a wheelchair for a local disabled child, the NSPCC and Guide Dogs for the Blind amongst many others.

Our school is part of the Horsforth Cluster Council (held at Trinity and All Saints College). Other schools included are:

St Marys; St Margarets; Newlaithes; Broadgate Lane; Froebelian; West End and Featherbank.

The Cluster Council is led by the pupils from Horsforth High School. Megan and Matthew from year 6 and Adam and Alex from year 5 were chosen from our school council to represent Westbrook Lane at the cluster council. The aim of the cluster council is to work together to solve problems and issues in each school. In addition we discuss how to improve Horsforth as a village e.g stopping graffiti and littering.





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