Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide a stimulating, happy and caring environment in which children and staff can work to their full potential in developing skills, abilities and positive attitudes.

The aims for our children are:

• to develop knowledge, skills and practical abilities and have the confidence to use them in a variety of situations

• to encourage children to develop lively enquiring minds with the ability to question (and think critically)

• to help children find pleasure in their work and recognise their achievements in a positive way in order for them to reach their potential

• to instil respect for religious, spiritual and moral values and develop an understanding of, and respect for, cultural diversity

• to be able to work independently and with perseverance, and also in cooperation (collaboration) with others

• to promote positive behaviour and a sense of belonging to the school and wider community – including our place in the global community


Our core values are:










Our whole school themes for each half term are as follows:

Autumn 1 = Respect and responsibility

Autumn 2 = Equality

Spring 1 = Positivity and aspiration

Spring 2 = Resilience

Summer 1 = Collaboration

Summer 2 = Trust



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